Transforming Tomorrow... Today!


Metro Community Ministries, Inc. (MCMI) is community based, nonprofit organization committed to building the capacity of community, youth and family structures to acquired success.  Through a focused provision of support and developmental efforts, MCMI will utilize education, employment, foundational development and creative enhancements to assist communities to overcome adversities in meeting tomorrow’s goals today.



Communities that reflect strength, opportunity and prosperity; creating a unified pathway to success.

MCMI’s focus is to work with communities with traditionally marginalized populations with limited opportunities and access to resources.  To succeed, MCMI works with individuals and families within these communities to access necessary resources to gain self sufficiency and to build a productive and self-sufficient life.

MCMI’s system of care focuses on four key areas that will move our program participants towards success:  Workforce, Education, Supportive Relationships and Personal Development.  

We want to begin by doubling the amount of people we trained and served last year. And we want to do it by partnering with grassroots and community-based organizations nationwide and by expanding our network of community partnerships.

Join us in our mission today.