A Message from Our CEO

Greetings, friends and colleagues:

MCMI is committed to working with community organizations, stakeholders, families and individuals.  MCMI believes that Community Wealth resides within its people! Our position within the community is to integrate a mechanism to enhance leadership, self-reliance and Pride! MCMI believes every community member, a leader in their own rite, holds the power to achieve and develop into whatever they choose to be. Our staff is of the people…with lived experience. We include within our employ the formerly incarcerated, individuals with past gang membership, substance abusers, those who have undergone domestic abuse…all have transformed their lives and are trained, prepared and perfectly poised to aid and assist those on the same or similar tracts. Our commitment is REAL…our dedication solid…and our hearts pure!

Our service is dedicated to Individuals, Youth, Families and Communities. MCMI’s purpose is to build capacity and encourage success as envisioned by the beneficiary. Our strategy, rooted in cognitive intervention, risk and resiliency and trauma informed care, rest upon a foundation of Work, Education, Supportive relations and Self-Developmental strategy. The process consists of a 3- phase model: Embrace, Stabilization and Sustainability; and includes a 12-month follow-up period ingrained within the design to assure retention of progress.

As a Workforce Development strategy, we train our staff in situational leadership as they embark upon a training cycle that prepares them for a unique form of Resource Management that employs behavioral change techniques to guide their purpose: Changing the cultural narrative of the Workforce… Transforming Tomorrow…Today!

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Linda G Womack