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While MCMI seeks to serve those most in need, our current funding limits the number of people we can serve. Many of our participants are challenged with the stigma of past justice involvement. A lack of work history is an added roadblock and significant barrier to their success. Taking that into consideration, long-term unemployment creates a greater hurdle to clear when seeking, obtaining, and retaining employment. The pandemic has created novel challenges for everyone and has exacerbated the pre-existing challenges that our participants face each day. These individuals are members of our communities and need additional assistance to help support themselves and their families. With the current economy and state of affairs within our communities, additional financial support would enable an increase in the levels of services currently being provided.

This assistance includes, but is not limited to:

Housing– A clean and safe residence is an essential need for all of us. Our participants are no different. Providing weekly/monthly costs for participants who are not eligible for or cannot count on other means of support is a crucial need. MCMI is seeking $500,000 to temporarily provide housing security for participants as they strive to acquire careers and lifestyles that will enable them to secure stable homes.

Transportation– Maintaining a personal vehicle is a costly effort, and one that our participants are not always able to support. Needing new tires, an oil change, insurance, and general vehicle maintenance is oftentimes a hindrance to getting to work and school safely. Access to public transportation and the ability to pay required fees is a major asset that can support participant needs. A monthly cost of $100 will support an individual’s public transportation access. Based upon the number of individuals we touch MCMI seeks $300,000 to meet transportation needs in 2023

Food Security– Due to recent community reentry and entry-level employment, most of our participants lack the finances to provide food for themselves and their families. Additionally, applying for SNAP/Food Stamps is a cumbersome process and often difficult to obtain. Food and resources to purchase healthy food is a priority. $50 will purchase a food package for a family of four.

Welcome Home Packages– More often than not, the people we serve have limited options for taking care of their personal needs and that of their families. These limitations can have a negative impact on their opportunities for training, employment, self-esteem and even family reunification. Welcome home package includes a backpack, alarm clock, planner, toiletries and Dress for Success attire.

We need your help to expand the results of our mission. Your donation and partnership in our endeavors will truly make the difference we seek in growing and sustaining our community wealth. Won’t you help?

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Through the generosity of people like you, we’re able to serve the poor, the disadvantaged and the ethnically diverse populations. Your donation will help to provide vital services such as  job placement assistance, vocational training, gang intervention, leadership development, and one-on-one mentoring.

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