Since 1966, MCMI has served the poor, the disadvantaged, and ethnically diverse populations. Our resume of programs, services, and leadership development span of over 55 years and has touched the lives of thousands of people in the forgotten neighborhoods and communities of San Diego CA, Atlanta GA and Richmond VA.  In addition, working with affiliates in seven other regions (and growing!) is an endeavor that promotes MCMI’s footprint across areas of need.

It all started in the basement of a church in downtown San Diego. A group of people sat around a table to discuss a problem – How do they continue to help poor when their church is moving a different location? The solution? They would start MCMI — a nonprofit organization — to continue services and outreach to the poor.

Since then, MCMI, its own nonprofit 501c3 organization, delivers services to individuals, families and communities through workforce development, educational enhancement, supportive services, and personal and professional development.